Special features of iOS 11- iPhone New Unique Features

iOS 10 have been well received, and it has been smooth sailing ever since. Except for some few hiccups, there are not many complaints that you could think of.

It’s 2017 now, and IOS 11 is out. A much-awaited version of IOS, because this version of IOS will be there in all new version of iPhone 8. iOS 11 gives us a peak of what the latest version of iPhones would bring on the table.

For all those compatible devices where iOS 11 is installed, though it is still in its beta form there are some new neat tricks that you could perform with your freshly updated devices that you couldn’t before. The new version of iOS takes the ballgame to a whole new level. It fills some of the gaps that IOS was missing earlier.

Here are some of the top 10 useful features of iOS 11

Edit Screenshot On the Go:

Earlier when you had to take a screenshot, you would have been required to go to your gallery, open the screenshot that you have taken and then edit or share it. But it is not the case with IOS 11, once you have taken a screenshot; it appears on a small thumbnail on the lower left corner of the device. From there you can directly open the image and edit or share on the go.

Make Your Own Gifs:

Live photographs have been a part of iPhone for the last two generations. With the updated version of IOS, you can now turn your favorite live photographs in GIFs and share with your loved ones. There’s a new option called loop that can make any part of a video or a live photograph into a GIF. It is very similar to that of the boomerang function you find it in Instagram. To access this function all you need to do go to the gallery and open the live photograph of your choice and then swipe up.

Siri Can translate for You:

For all those who travel a lot, this particular feature would prove to become quite handy. Siri is now able to translate speech from English to French, Spanish, Italian, mandarin, and German. The options might seem to be few right now, but it must be kept in mind that this is just the beta version; the final version will have a lot more options.

One-Handed Typing:

With every new version of IOS, it is getting more and more user-friendly. With the latest version of IOS it now much easier to type in your message one-handed, because you are now able to shift your keyboard to the left or to the right. This is a much-needed function due to the larger phone size. You can access this function by long pressing the globe button on the keyboard, thereafter it will display all the options to you.

Chat with Siri:

Earlier if you needed to know something really quick, you would require calling upon Siri for help. This action is all fine and good when you are all alone, but when you are in a public space it might seem a bit awkward. You would not only make others stare at you, but you might just trigger someone else’s phone by doing so. IOS 11 has a unique solution to it now, now you can just type in your questions to Siri and will type in a reply to you. To enable this function you need to go settings-general-accessibility-Siri. Thereafter you have to switch on “type to Siri”.

Customize Your Control Center:

One of the most distinct changes that IOS 11 have made is a complete revamp of the control centre. The control centre now occupies the entire screen so that it is more easily accessible. The complete overhaul of the control centre is not the only factor here. IOS 11 now gives you the freedom to customize the control centre to your liking and convenience. To access this function all you need to do is go to settings-control centre- customize controls. Upon accessing you will be given a choice of various additional controls apart from the regulars for you to add to the control centre.

Scan Documents:

Most of us use apple’s note app to organise our documents and to store important information. IOS 11 now gives you the freedom to scan any document and store it in the notes app directly. To scan a document all you need to do is press the plus sign on the keyboard and go to scan document. This action will give access to your phone camera so that you can your document.

New Driving Mode:

IOS 11 has a all-new driving mode, that can silence all notification automatically when you are driving. It does so by detecting when your iphone connects to the car’s Bluetooth or by tracking the speed through the accelerometer. This causes your phone to be on a silent mode and even turn the screen dark. You can enable this setting by going to settings-Do not disturb-Do not disturb while driving.

Turn Website into a PDF:

One of the most useful features of IOS 11 is that you can now turn any website into a PDF on the go. It happens to all of us, while we are browsing through the web we often come across a webpage or a document that we want to save for later. This action can only be performed via safari. In order to perform this action all you need to do is tap on the share button, a bunch of options will be presented before you. Among those options there will be a “create PDF” option. Click on it to create a PDF of that particular website.

Smart Memory Saving Feature:

This is one of the most underrated features of IOS 11 but it will come in handy time and again. This feature constantly keeps a check of your phone memory and gives suggestions of what to offload from your iphone. For example if there is a app that you haven’t used for quite a while, then your phone will automatically suggest you uninstall that particular app. It will present to you beforehand on how much space you would be saving exactly by doing so.

Every new IOS brings in something new on the table. Until the next upgrade the above are some of the best features of IOS 11 for now.